The Brief

Legistics wins Silver from Graphis Design Annual
Oct 20, 2016

Design Annual2017 S 960Px

Graphis magazine is one of the most prestigious publications in the graphic design industry. And being accepted into their 2017 Design Annual is truly an honor.

Our re-branding of the COPi Companies as Legistics recently won a Silver award in the very competitive Branding category. We're proud of the award, but prouder still of the work we do. We've moved Legistics into a new mode, leaving behind our 1980's copy-centric identity and creating a brand that speaks to the broader, deeper collaborative relationships we bring to large law firms as Professionals at Practice Support.

Our re-branding included renaming the company, developing a logo, and then redesigning everything from a new website (which has won awards itself) to forms, signage, document boxes (our most visible form of "advertising"), uniforms, delivery trucks and even the race car that competed in the IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge this season.

Take a look at some of the program elements on the Graphis website. And congratulations to creative director Josh Freeman and his talented FreeAssociates for creating this bold, exciting solution.

A wild ride
Sep 6, 2016

Rainy Porsche

Mother Nature reminded the racing world who’s boss on August 27th in Alton, Virginia. Going into race 8 of the grueling 10-race IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge, the heat was truly on. Triple digit temperatures sparked extreme concern among the competitors and event organizers. Drivers took extra precautions to stay hydrated, and the cars were allowed additional cooling measures to handle the heat.

Team RS1/Legistics entered the weekend as the season’s point leaders. Nick Galante and Spencer Pumpelly started the #17 Porsche from the 16th spot. After a great start, Nick had passed three cars by turn one. He was settling into hunt mode and moving towards the front when everything changed.

Thundering around the track

The skies suddenly and unexpectedly turned dark; within a matter of moments, a violent downpour dramatically disrupted the course of the race. With deep puddles forming, thunder and lightning overhead, and cars flying off the track on all sides, the team made the decision to pit earlier rather than later for rain tires.

Just as Nick was being sent back out, the race went into a full course caution period. Cars slowly picked their way around the dangerous track, some with limited or no visibility because of fogged windshields and pouring rain. In the fury of the storm, tents from the stands and the paddock were being ripped from the ground. The timing and scoring mechanisms that monitor every car malfunctioned due to power outages. Safety workers and the flag crew were told to stand down for safety reasons. In the chaos, a red flag period was called. All cars were called to the pits to wait out the storm.

Time running out

The rain finally let up about a half hour later, and the race resumed on a wet track. When Nick handed off to Spencer Pumpelly with 58 minutes remaining, Spencer roared out of the pits in 21st place. Relentlessly picking off car after car, the #17 had maneuvered its way to 16th when the adrenaline-fueled team simply ran out of time. Despite the wild antics of Mother Nature, Team RS1/Legistics/ remains in first place with a 6-point lead in the series. The excitement is sure to continue as the team heads to Austin, Texas on September 16th for the penultimate race on a state-of-the-art, Formula-1-designed super-track. Don’t miss it!

Crashes, cautions and bold choices: Road America 2016​
Aug 29, 2016

Rs1 Lm4 3222 Crop960Px

The Road America race on August 6th in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, looked to be a perfect opportunity for the RS1 Legistics team to flex some muscle. The longest track of the season, with three long straights, was a welcome change from the tight turns and cramped maneuvering of the team’s previous race. Eager to let ‘er rip, driver Nick Galante drove a scorching qualifying round to earn the No. 17 Porsche Cayman a starting position in the top 10.

Entering the race from the 8th position, Galante had his eye on the front of the pack when a crash by some of the leaders during the third lap left two cars on their roofs. There were no serious injuries, but the race had to be halted for clean-up. When the action resumed, Nick found himself in a tight battle with the No. 27 Mazda. At the apex of turn 13, the two cars made contact. Both cars spun off the track but were able to continue the race. Eager to make up lost time, Nick put his head down and charged back into the fray.

A bold pit strategy

Midway through the race, another car wound up stranded on the track and another full course caution period was called. This was the perfect time for Nick to hand off the car to teammate Spencer Pumpelly. In a bold move, the RS1 Legistics team opted for a quicker pit stop and just took two tires and half the amount of fuel needed. This strategy catapulted the No. 17 over six positions closer to the front. Pumpelly took full advantage, posting fast lap after fast lap. In a day riddled with drama, another caution period was applied, and the team took the opportunity to pit for the remaining two tires and fuel needed to finish the race. The leaders in front of Spencer also decided to pit, but they took all four tires and a full load of fuel. With the shorter stop, the No. 17 again leaped ahead, coming in at 12th and out at 6th!

Pumpelly then performed his customary magic, passing car after car in a show of true race craft. With just 45 minutes left in the race, Spencer was in 3rd place, locked in a heated duel with two other cars. And then everything changed. The leaders, in front wheel drive cars, cooked their tires – and Pumpelly took the lead! The No. 17 left the field behind, stretching the lead to over 10 seconds before crossing the finish line in 1st place.

The triumphant win at Road America was a thrilling example of the power of collaboration. The brilliant pitstop strategy of RS1’s top engineer, Scott Besst; the amazing race craft of Spencer Pumpelly; the great qualifying position and first half of Nick Galante; and the unqualified support of RS1 and Legistics – put it all together, and what you get is a big win for the entire team.

Bringing the Heat: The July racing report​​
Jul 31, 2016

M81 9674 Crop960Px

It’s been a scorching hot summer for the RS1/Legistics/ racing team. After their dramatic first-place finish on July 2nd at Watkins Glen International Raceway (see the previous post for the exciting play-by-play), co-drivers Nick Galante and Spencer Pumpelly headed north to Canadian Tire MotorSport Park in Bowmanville, Ontario for their July 7th race.

The team had a tough qualifying session, struggling to master the exceptionally fast and daunting track; as a result, they started the race from the 13th position out of 27 cars. After a good clean start, Nick maneuvered the No. 17 Porsche Cayman up to the 10th spot before handing the car off to his teammate at the halfway point in the race. Spencer went to work, methodically passing the field over the next dozen laps. With just 40 minutes remaining in the race, the No. 17 had advanced to the 4th position, and Pumpelly had the leaders in his sights.

Aggressive driving pays off

Battling through traffic, the car experienced light contact with one of the Audis in turn 5. Fortunately, damage was minimal, and Pumpelly was able to continue his relentless pursuit of the leaders. Seeing that his competitors’ tires were starting to wear and degrade, Spencer attacked and advanced to the lead with just 10 minutes remaining in the race. With the No. 44 Nissan breathing down his neck, Pumpelly was heading into a turn when his brakes momentarily locked up. The No. 17 took the turn wide and the No. 44 claimed the lead. Pumpelly crossed the finish line in 2nd place, with enough points to retain the teams’ lead in the season standings.

Hanging on tight at Lime Rock

The team would need all of those points as they headed to Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, Connecticut on July 22nd. The short racetrack is notorious for its tight, twisting turns, suiting the lighter cars much better than weightier entries like the No. 17 Porsche Cayman. Nick Galante qualified the car in 14th position and did a great job during the first half of the race steadily advancing towards the front. He handed the car off in 6th place at the half. Spencer Pumpelly had his work cut out for him as the nimble Mazda MX5’s held on to their advantage in the top three spots. Pumpelly drove his heart out trying to catch up with the leaders; due to his heroic efforts, the No. 17 was the top finishing Porsche in the race and 4th overall. It was enough for Team RS1 Legistics to retain its lead in the standings going into the crucial races in August.

Follow Galante and Pumpelly as they tear up the tracks in the IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge. Keep an eye on our blog posts for some exciting news from the Road America race on August 6th – as well as updates on the upcoming “March to Atlanta” (VA on 8/27; TX on 9/16 and the exciting FINAL in GA on 9/30).